Currently, many pathologies are not adequately treated by a sole professional. In this context, the concept of multi-disciplinary evaluation started. The idea is that the patients be evaluated by different professionals, specialists in their areas, in an integrated manner.

For this reason there are now specialized centers or of excellence in the treatment of certain diseases. In those centers, capacitated professionals of different areas (medicine/ surgery/ nutrition/ psychology/ physiotherapy, etc.) get together to help the patients better. The results of this effort are a faster and more precise diagnosis, correct indication of the best treatment, procedures and surgeries in a less aggressive manner and comprehensive follow up.

The  Instituto Jacques Perissat has Centers of Excellence in the areas of Hernia Surgery, Obesity Surgery, Oncology, Interventionalist Endoscopy and Excessive Sweating Surgery. Many professionals, highly capacitated, discuss and decide together the best options for our patients.