According to the Federal Council of Medicine, to perform a Morbid Obesity surgery, it is necessary to follow these criteria:

Resolution Nº 1.942 (Published at D.O.U. on February 12, 2010, Section I, p. 72) Alters Resolution CFM nº 1,766, of May 13, 2005, published in the Brazilian Official Journal on July 11, 2005, Section I, page 114, which determines safe norms for the surgical treatment of the morbid obesity, defining indications, procedures and team. The FEDERAL COUNCIL OF MEDICINE, according to the attributions conferred by Law n° 3,268, of September 30, 1957, regulated by Decree n° 44,045, of July 19, 1958, respective and subsequently altered by Law nº 11,000, of December 15, 2004, and Decree nº 6,821, of April 14, 2009, and CONSIDERING that the target of the doctor’s attention is the health of the human being, in whose benefit he must act with the maximum of care and the best of his professional capacity; CONSIDERING that the doctor must improve his knowledge continuously and use the best of the scientific progress for the benefit of the patient.

Summing up, the patients eligible for the bariatric surgery are those who have a Body Mass Index above 40 or above 35 with some diseases associated to obesity.