The Graduate Minimally Invasive Surgery Program is conducted by Instituto Jacques Perissat in collaboration with Universidade Positivo. The course began in 2004 and has trained more than 300 professionals from Brazil and Latin America to practice video-surgery, always adapting to the reality of the national health system and the labor market. The main objective of the course is theoretical-practical teaching focusing on the improvement of video-surgical techniques in various specialties. For this, it uses a methodology of continuous teaching, associating practical classes in animals, training platforms, theoretical classes in modern rooms and participation in live surgeries. The approved student is awarded a Certificate of Postgraduate Lato Sensu in Minimally Invasive Surgery, issued by Positivo University and approved by the Ministry of Education (MEC).

Target audience

The graduate minimally-invasive surgery program is meant for surgeons and residents in the fields of General Surgery, Digestive System, Pediatrics, Oncology and Colorectal.

Program Structure

The specialist’s graduate program covers 460 class hours split into eight 3-day modules.

Module makeup

Thursdays e Fridays
LECTURES morning



In addition to the IJP’s faculty, Brazil’s top laparoscopy experts are brought into every module.

Universidade Positivo the IJP’s partner, where the theoretical and practical classes are held, is considered one of the best private universities in the country and has one of the most modern and well-equipped experimental surgical center.


Christiano M. P. Claus
Daniellson Dimbarre
Giorgio Baretta
Marcelo P. Loureiro

Guest instructors
André Brandalise/ SP
Aníbal Branco/ PR
Eduardo Bonin/ PR
Gustavo L. Carvalho/ PE
Leandro T. Cavazzola/ RS
Marco Aurélio Raeder da Costa/ PR
Mauro Pinho/ SC
Nertan Tefilli/ PR
Paulo César B. Boscardim/ PR
Reitan Ribeiro/ PR


Under CNE RESOLUTION 01/07 of June 8, 2007), Specialist’s certificates will be awarded to candidates who have passed all program courses/modules (minimum passing grade: C) and achieved at least 75% attendance in each module.