Motivated by the Success of the Instituto Jacques Perissat in the post-graduation area, the IJP teachers got together to provide the same standard of quality, this time with the patients. This is how we started the Clínica de Cirurgia do Aparelho Digestivo IJP (IJP Digestive Tract Surgery Clinic). The Clinic, formed by the surgeons Dr. Marcelo de Paula Loureiro, Dr. Christiano M. P. Claus and Dr. Daniellson Dimbarre, is installed in the premises of the Hospital Ecoville (INC) de Curitiba-PR. It has ample internal space, comfortable and humanized offices, in the peaceful environment of this hospital, which is one of the most modern ones in Paraná. The mission of the IJP is to exercise medicine with the maximum professionalism possible and with the best that technology can offer in the area of Digestive Tract Surgery.  We try to help the patient with the least aggression possible. This is how CMMI is developed and this is how we, at IJP apply it daily.


IJP is an Institute dedicated to the teaching of video surgery. We have been giving post-graduation course since 2004, together with Universidade Positivo. We have already formed about 350 surgeons in Brazil and Latin America. Our mission is to strengthen the surgical education in the country through the divulging and creation of knowledge in the area of Minimally Invasive Surgery. The course is now training its tenth class.


The Instituto de Pesquisas Jacques Perissat is an ambitious project of formation of a center for clinical and experimental research in a partnership with Hospital INC. Fundamental Part of the philosophy of the IJP group, research must not be separated from the good service to the patient and of the teaching of excellence in surgery. A hospital that invests in serious and relevant research treats its patients better than others. We believe this and based on this we continue this hard and noble task.